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Minneapolis and St. Paul Heated Driveways and Snow Melting Systems

The coldest month in Minneapolis is January with an average temperature of 16°F.
The average annual snowfall is 55 inches.
Snowiest season on record: 98.6 inches in 1983-1984.
The average temperature is 46.15°F.
The average high temperature is 55.1°F.
The average low temperature is 37.2°F.
January is the snowiest month of the year, averaging 12 inches.

If you’re like most residents in Minneapolis and St. Paul, you probably stock up on salt and snow melting chemicals as Old Man Winter prepares to make his seasonal house call. Perhaps you even grabbed yourself one of those new ergonomic snow shovels too. Anything to make clearing the driveway a little easier is worth a try. Speaking of making snow removal a little easier, there are better options than buying an ergonomic snow shovel.

One of today’s growing trends for home and business owners is that of investing in a radiant heated snow melting system. These reliable systems not only eliminate the need for manual snow removal, but also eliminate the need for snowmelt chemicals and salt that have proven harmful to the environment. If you’ve routinely used salt to keep your driveway and walks clear of snow and ice, you’ve likely noticed the damage it causes to nearby grass and shrubs. Clean radiant heat uses renewable energy, operates silently, and is maintenance free. It’s hard to beat features like these, which is why snow melting systems are becoming increasingly popular throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and other cold climate states.

For residents who have grown up in the Twin Cities area, faithfully shoveling and plowing snow is simply a yearly routine. But with the advanced technology and ability to customize electric snow melting systems to meet the customer’s precise needs and budget, perhaps it’s time to explore the options of installing a radiant snow melting system. The automated systems not only can free up your time and make winters a little more enjoyable, but their reliable performance means they provide valuable safety benefits around the clock. This is especially attractive for business owners who need to provide safe access to their businesses. Slip and fall accidents and personal injury lawsuits can be greatly reduced by the installation of a radiant snowmelt system.

For over a decade Warmzone has been providing industry leading snow melting systems (and heated floors and roof deicing solutions) to the Minneapolis and St. Paul area – and throughout the United States. And given the many affordable custom options, reliability and automated performance, radiant snow melting systems are becoming more and more attractive to those who have spent a lifetime shoveling and salting snow.

Heated paver sidewalk after a snowstorm.

Unparalleled Customer Services

Warmzone includes the industry’s most comprehensive customer services with each snow melting system. Our professional system design and layout team is the best in the business. Our system designers provide detailed layouts showing the proper materials, load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc. The AutoCAD layout and technical information saves time and money for consumers and installers in the long run.

In addition to the professional design services and wide selection of proven products, Warmzone includes free installation training and installation support. Your installer can call and speak with an expert whenever he has any questions. With Warmzone you have a partner who will work alongside you after the purchase. We make it a point to team with our customers to ensure the system is installed correctly and performing as expected. We’ve proudly set the gold standard for customer service, so call and speak with a radiant heat professional and ask any questions and learn more about your radiant heat options. We're happy to answer any questions you may have - without any pushy sales pressure.

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